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About Me

My love of sports could be considered unusual. Nike wasn’t the first shoe that inspired my style. That title belonged to Adidas and, believe it or not, Michael Jordan was not my favorite player — Charles Barkley and Len Bias were the torchbearers in that category. At that point, I was biased because I believed the Washington Redskins and Georgetown Hoyas were the best pro football and college basketball teams. Ironically, in 1984, it was hard to doubt me on that assessment.

1984 was also the year that, for the first time, I picked up a newspaper.  I was a 9-year-old brat at the time, but when I picked up The Washington Post one evening, I knew I wanted to be a sports journalist.

My first journalism “story” came during the 1986 World Series between the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox. I was so fanatical, I wrote down the starters and statistics for both teams. Later, I wrote notes and summarized what happened. The following day, I went to my neighbors who subscribed to The Washington Post and checked if the information I wrote matched up. This trend continued until the last game, which the Mets won. My memory fails me now when I think about what happened to that precious note tablet. It is the foundation for my career.

I did not give sports journalism a real try until 2007 when I started junior college and made journalism my major.

During my time at Palomar College in San Marcos, Calif., I have covered all types of sports, from football to water polo.

Currently, I’m interning at The San Diego Union-Tribune. My immediate goal is find employment at a major print or online sports media outlet as a prep reporter. Afterward, I would like to work my way up to being a beat reporter or columnist.

One Comment
  1. Jared:

    I just took a moment to read your bio and surf your site. I’m very impressed! I think it’s great how you’re chasing a life-long dream. I pray God’s favor and blessings on your endeavor; that He’d open doors beyond your wildest dreams.

    Peace to you and your family!

    Roy Inzunza

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