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USC athletics takes a turn for the worst


While interning with the San Diego Union Tribune this year, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Tim Sullivan. He is one of the premier sports columnist in the country. We met and talked a lot throughout my time at the U-T. He would give me books to read and the first one he gave me was Tarnished Heisman by Don Yeager.

Sullivan then proceeded to tell me how he isn’t one of Bush’s favorite people. This is due because he got he assignment to chase down Bush, the San Diego native to ask him about the rumors of him possible NCAA infractions. This was while he was at the 2006 NFL draft.

Now the NCAA passing down sanctions, everyone is looking for someone to blame. Some will start with Bush. He needs to take some credit for this. He won’t admit it but he knew what was going on. His parents lived in a 700,000 dollar home rent free his last year in college. You are fool if you think he did not know this.

Pete Carroll saw the writing on the wall. That’s why he abandoned ship to the National Football League. He spoke today on ESPN saying that he had no idea that Bush was dealing with an agent while there, but he did the best he could.

It’s not just the football team on trial here. OJ Mayo had some of the same problems while at Southern Cal. That’s why Tim Floyd left and their basketball program was hit with sanctions.

This all falls back to the athletics director, Mike Garrett. He who won the Heisman like Bush. Now he’s an administrator that oversees all the athletic programs. He had to know something was going on with his programs and didn’t do anything about it. If anything, he is at fault for this.

All of this adds up to a bad situation for the one of the most storied athletic programs in the country. Worse yet it revolves around money and like Nick Nolte said in the movie Blue Chips, “these are the best players that money can buy”.


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