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Sorry Boston big three, Rajon Rondo is the best player on the Celtics


Rajon Rondo has a killer instinct. The step on you while your hurt instinct that is reserved for players with the nicknames the Black Mamba, King and Flash. Whether he is looking – or no looking – for the open man or driving to basket he is playing his best basketball at the most crucial point of the season. Coming into this semi-final series he may have been on the outside of the big three but one thing is clear – he is the best player on the Celtics roster and has been the best player in this series.

He is averaging nearly 20 points and 19 assist this series; improving his stats of 16.9 points, 9.8 assists and 9.7 rebounds. Rondo is having the type of playoff performance that raised Dwayne Wade from  budding star to superstar status in 2006 and has not been seen in the NBA since. I should also note that his team won the NBA championship that year.

He has outplayed Mo Williams thus far in the series with Cleveland. Correction, he has gin sued Williams this series, in the biggest mismatch of this series, bar none, LeBron injured elbow or not. As he goes so does the Celtics. This is why both teams are tied at one game apiece as both teams resume their Eastern Conference semifinal series tonight from the TD Garden in Boston.

For the Cavs, stopping Rondo is now of the greatest importance. Of the nine 3-pointers made by the Celtics in Game 2, Rondo had assist on eight of them. Add another eight assists for layups, dunks or shots within five feet of the basket for Boston. For the series, Rondo has assisted on 16 baskets scored within five feet of the hoop, the large majority of those on layups or dunks.

The Cavaliers inability to contain him has created major matchup problems on the floor. The Celtics seem particularly interested in exploiting the power forward matchup with Antawn Jamison with Garnett. Thus far KG has taken more shots (41) in the first two games of the series than in any other two-game span since 2008 and Cleveland already has tried an array of defenders and methods against him.

Should the Celtics win tonight, they will more than likely win the series because the Cavs are not a come from behind team that can compete on a level with the Celtics or Magic.

With Rondo leading the way, there is no reason the Celtics should break Cleveland’s spirits.

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